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Kessler Microfiber Cloth





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Stainless-steel Steamboat Pot x 01





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Kessler Microfiber Cloth



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Product Specifications:

Power Supply : 220V ~ 50Hz

Power : 1000W

Capacity : 6 litres

Diameter : 22cm

Working Pressure : 0~70kPa

Maximum Pressure : 90kPa


Product Selling Points:

5-in-1 multi-functional cooker.

User friendly and convenient to operate.

Fast and consistent cooking.

Energy Saving.

Retains food nutritions, promoting healthy dining.

Advanced structure design, ensuring safety.

Original Price

$319.00 per set.

Promotion Price Red Hot Sales

$138.00 per set. (save $189.00 SGD.)

(Comes with a free stainless steel inner pot. Limited time only.)












Cook with style & class - Simply amazing.

Main components is made of synthetic fire-proofing


Embedded with internal S-shaped heating element.

able to reach temperature of 500- 600 degree celsius

within seconds.

Versatility - any cookware can be used with this

(Base must be within 12-26cm.)

Easy temperature control with a swipe of a finger.

Safe & easy to use.

Comes with free stainless-steel steamboat pot.


Sets   Set Content
IR Cooker + Steamboat Pot
IR Cooker + Teppanyaki BBQ Set
IR Cooker + Pot & BBQ Set

Original Price

Infra-Red Cooker: $238.00.

Stainless-Steel Steamboat Pot: $35.90.

Teppanyaki BBQ Set: $121.90

Promotional Price

IR cooker + Steamboat Pot: $99.90.

(Save $174.00 SGD.)

IR Cooker + BBQ Plate Package: $138.00.

(Save $221.90 SGD.)

IR Cooker + Steamboat Pot &

BBQ Plate package: $148.00.

(Save $395.00 SGD.)



















This product is also available @





Product Function:

Multi-functional cooking






This product aims to preserves the original taste and vitamins of food while cooking, bringing about a healthier

dining experience every time.


Also, it is built using a highly stablized Micro-Computer

Technology (MCT) , While the heat-control chips adopts

specially-made heating program.

Capacity : 9 litres

Original Price

$210.00 per set.

Promotion Price Red Hot Sales

$136.00 per set. (save $74.00 SGD.)










* All of KESSLER cooking appliances have been approved by the PSB. Also, please refrain from buying electrical products that has not been approved by PSB. This is to ensure that consumer's safety has not been compromised.