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KESSLER's top selling product of Year 2014.

Kessler Multi-Functional Electric Lunch box is

an exceptional lunch box and cooker which introduce

users to a whole new experience in cooking and

culinary enjoyment. It let users be creative in cooking,

without too much of the fuss & hassle. It is petite and

light weight, yet it is fashionable designed for portability

while taking up minimal storage space.


It is made from high quality, AVA-Tested, food-graded

materials and has a "double-protection" safety measure

that rivals some of the well-known brands in the market.


Steam dry heating prevention.

Overheating protection.


Also, this product has a high -temperature resistance,

while its non-maintaining PTC structure help save energy

and power. To top it all off, the ventilation on its cover

allows food to stay fresh and taste-balanced.


Kessler Multi-Functional Electric Lunch Box works in 2

primary two functions - heating and warming, and its

inner dishes is made of stainless steel for a rust-free and healthier cooking.


This is definitely a product you do not want to miss out.


Original Price

Per Unit = :$80.

Promotion Price

Per Unit = $50.00. (save $30.00 SGD.)











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* This product has been approved by the PSB. Also, please refrain from buying electrical products that has not been approved by PSB. This is to ensure that consumer's safety has not been compromised.